At First Consulting is part of the @First Group of companies; an Independent Management and Business Technology Consultancy helping you combat the challenges of procurement and business development in a fast moving marketplace and evolving economic climate.

The Telecommunications landscape is evolving in East Africa with many providers now offering Managed Services and Security Services amongst their suite of Value Added Services (VAS).  These services can add huge value to organisations, BUT, they can also bring huge headaches due poorly scoped or implemented Contracts.

Terms like MPLS, VPN, SLA, CoS, QoS, DOS, DDOS, etc can be confusing at best and completely misleading under many circumstances.  Most operators will offer these services but few may actually be able to deliver themselves, relying often on partners that you will know nothing about.  Services can, therefore, be very far from expectations leading to disappointment and frustration for the customer and rework and excuses from the operator leading to frustrations all round and Loss of Value.

As more of your business is on line and more of your operations are automated, the need for comprehensive communications security is constantly increasing.  Threats come from every direction, Foreign Intelligence Services, Hackers, Competitors and employees; many are deliberate attacks but as many are unintentional through “bring your own device” (BYOD), viruses, poor security and untrained staff.

Cost efficiency and the addition of actual value are a necessary requirement for the survival and long-term growth of any organisation. With our extensive background in these areas, we will provide your business with the strategic focus as well as long term tangible results expected whilst simplifying the complexities of all aspects of your procurement process.

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Cost is a crucial point of consideration when deciding what kind of services will be most advantageous for your company to use. Many may still feel some skepticism regarding the value of the services that have become Globally standard across all sectors. With over 35 years of global experience in negotiating procurement contracts for Business Technology and Managed Services from either side of the table, our expertise lies in ensuring that whatever you are buying or selling is:

  • Working Smarter and making cost savings
  • Adding Actual Value to your bottom line
  • Providing a safe and secure environment to support your business
  • An agreement that is of long term value to your business

Our flexibility means we can work with you at any stage of the project or procurement process dependent on your business’ specific needs. We will provide you with the expert, unbiased advice that you need in what is a very fast moving marketplace.

We pride ourselves in having in-depth local market knowledge and hands-on experience. We actively continue to keep abreast of global industry developments, new technologies and changing legislation.

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Having been involved in Managed Services since 1997 and having seen this from all aspects we are here to help you achieve the value from Managed Services engagements.  Assisting you scope the requirements, select the services and suppliers and ensuring that through close attention to the areas that matter most to you, expectations are aligned and you avoid the many pitfalls.


At First Consulting has particular experience in the art of articulating the key aspects of your product or service in ways that allow customers to understand the true value in their own terms of what you are offering.

Our unique approach in this area ensures that your customers understand how your solution will either provide the business benefits that they are seeking or how you can solve a problem that is either having an impact on their day-to-day business or hindering growth plans into new areas. We are able to support all aspects of the Sales Cycle to maximise your success and financial returns.


At First Consulting have a wealth of Business Technology experience from both technical and commercial aspect with over 35 years of experience both in the Public and Private sectors globally. Our experience spans operations, Technology, Business Operations, Service Delivery, Product Development, Sales and Procurement.

Our consultancy style is one that fosters an environment where people feel motivated and encouraged towards achieving their stretching targets and goals whilst building strong relationships. Our goal is to always provide “win – win” scenarios for all parties against your business’ challenging or changing priorities. We have the expertise to respond to the complex challenges of major technology infrastructure projects.